Make Your Own Egg Hunt Sensory Game!

A child's hand trying to find easter egg in sensory egg hunt

On a rainy Sunday afternoon we were looking for something fun to do….

So we grabbed some plastic easter eggs, filled a tray with rice and created our very own Egg Hunt Sensory Game!

Setting up your egg hunt game couldn’t be any easier. All you’ll need is:

  1. A deep tray
  2. Plastic easter eggs
  3. Lots and lots of uncooked rice
  4. Something to put in your eggs to make sounds

And now the fun begins!



Games to Play with Your Egg Hunt

Obviously the easiest thing to do with your egg hunt is to simply burry the eggs under the rice and try to find them. But there are so many other possibilities:

  • Shake it Up! Put something in each egg so it makes noise when you shake it. We filled ours with rice, but you could fill each egg with something different so you have different sounds.
  • Matching Game: Or how about playing a matching game? Fill pairs of eggs with matching sounds, hide the eggs, then ask your child to find the two eggs with the same sound!
  • Keep it Colorful: Is your child has some vision, be sure to choose plastic eggs that contrast well on the rice (like deep purple) or use colors that your child is attracted to. Help them use their vision and their hands to find the eggs.
  • Step on It! The feel of rice on your hands is interesting and can be a little overwhelming for some kids. You may have to work up to it slowly. But once your child is comfortable touching the rice with their hands, see what they think about getting their feet in the tray!

Yes, the rice will get everywhere and you will have a mess. But it’s just rice and easy to vacuum up, so have fun with it!


Egg Hunt Sensory Game


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