50+ Sensory-Friendly Nonfood Items to Hide in Easter Eggs

50 Sensory-Friendly Nonfood Items to Hide in Easter Eggs

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What is it about holidays and food? Especially holidays and candy? It’s almost Easter and I still haven’t gone through all the Halloween candy in the house yet!

Despite the common wisdom, not all kids love candy. In fact, some kids can’t eat candy at all! If your child has allergies or is G-tube fed, the focus on candies for holiday celebrations probably gets old really fast.

So here is my list of 50+ Sensory-Friendly Nonfood Items to Hide in Easter Eggs for all those kids who can’t or don’t eat candy. I tried to focus on things that kids who are blind, deafblind, autistic or have a sensory processing disorder (SPD) might find interesting, but keep in mind that a lot of these toys are SMALL (so they can fit in Easter eggs) and some may pose a choking hazard.

4 squishy and sticky easter egg fillers

Squishy and Sticky

  1. Pull and Stretch Bounce Balls (Ivan loves these!)
  2. DNA Balls (Ivan loves these too!)
  3. Sticky Hands
  4. Squishy Toys
  5. Mini Play-Doh
  6. Silly Putty
  7. Mini Koosh Ball
  8. Stretch String

4 light up ideas for easter eggs


  1. Glowing LED Stress Ball
  2. Flashing Bumpy Rings
  3. Flashing Star Ball Necklace
  4. LED Finger Lights
  5. Light Up Glitter Bouncy Balls
  6. LED Jelly Spike YoYo Balls

4 sound ideas for easter eggs


  1. Chirping Chicks
  2. Egg Shakers
  3. Whistles
  4. Noise Makers
  5. Jingle Bell Necklace
  6. Kazoos

4 nonfood taste ideas for easter eggs

Tastes and Smells

  1. Lip Gloss in Fun Shapes
  2. Scented Dough
  3. Eos Chapstick
  4. Scratch and Sniff Stickers

4 movement toy ideas for easter eggs


  1. Party Poppers
  2. Spinner Tops
  3. Mini slinky
  4. Small Wind Up Toys
  5. Spiral Fidgets

4 chewable toy ideas for easter eggs


  1. Chewy Necklace
  2. Coil Bracelets
  3. Chewy Tube
  4. Chewy Wristbands
  5. Soft Star Chewy

4 wearable toy ideas for easter eggs


  1. Rubber Bracelets (I like these ones with Easter themes)
  2. Finger Puppets
  3. Bead Necklaces
  4. Slap Bracelets
  5. Strings and Beads to Make a Bracelet (Ivan loves hands on activities like these)

other toy ideas for easter eggs

Other Things We Love

  1. Easter stickers
  2. Easter Glitter Tattoos (these have a lovely texture to them!)
  3. Mega Marbles
  4. Small Plastic Snakes
  5. Fidget Cube
  6. Spiky Balls
  7. Curly Shoe Laces (Ivan loves how these spring back when you pull on them)
  8. Small Bouncy Balls
  9. Mini Porcupine Balls
  10. Body Jewels
  11. Sponge Capsules (Watch and feel a tiny capsule grow into a sponge animal!)
  12. Magic Towels

And sometimes the best surprise to find in an Easter egg is a secret message, an “I Love You” or even a simple riddle or joke. If your child is learning braille, why not hide a few braille messages in those eggs too?

50 Sensory-Friendly Nonfood Items to Hide in Easter Eggs for Kids Who Can't Eat Candy

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