Cori Redford

Cori is an artist and mother to a child with autism. She writes about managing behaviors, developing creative sensory activities and building the right education plan for your special needs child.

young girl with painted hands

Education, Special Needs

11 Things to Look for When Choosing a Special Needs Preschool

If you're in the market for a preschool program for your special needs child, you may be wondering what to look for, what questions to ask the teachers, and how...

baby crying with his dad


Battling Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a normal part of any child's development. Here are a few tips to help your child ease the transition from a clingy little baby to an independent...

Ivan with his touch book

Braille and Literacy

Make Your Own Touch Book!

Learn how to make your own Touch Book for your blind baby by putting together a book of textures for him to feel. It's easy and fun and can be...