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Fiona Peacock is a pregnancy and parenting writer with a passion for writing content that helps new mums. With three kids at home, she understands how challenging the tough days can be, and she’s here to help. Whether it’s useful parenting hacks you need or to be reminded you’re not alone, she’s got you covered.


Fiona lives in England with a husband, three kids, and a grumpy cat. You can find Fiona over on Instagram @fipeacock.

Fiona Peacock
A group of young girls with disabilities and autism is training their hand and finger muscles by drawing and painting with water.

Play, Special Needs

18 Engaging Indoor Activities for Kids with Physical Disabilities

There are many fun indoor activities for kids with disabilities, from interactive storytelling to adaptive yoga routines, disability-friendly board games, and virtual escape rooms.

Nursery teacher sitting with a parent and her Down Syndrome son in the classroom.

Education, Special Needs

Smoothing the Transition to Special Needs Preschool

Sending your child to special needs preschool for the first time can be daunting, but knowing what to expect can make the experience smoother for you and your child.

Outdoor activity like play, touch and sensory learning method for baby and kids.

Sensory Activities, Special Needs

Springtime Sensory Play: Outdoor Activities for Children with Sensory Processing Disorders

The natural world is the perfect setting for sensory exploration. Children with sensory processing disorders can engage with nature during outdoor sensory play.

A little cheerful boy in a shiny green top hat and green clothes laughs.

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Special Needs

Accessible Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids Who are Blind

If you’re celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day as a family, you’ll love these accessible Saint Patrick's Day crafts to try with your visually impaired child.

Disabled biracial young boy in wheelchair building a snowman with father and sister during winter after heavy snowfall.

Special Needs

Weathering the Storm: Preparing Your Special Needs Family for Winter Weather Emergencies

People with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to winter emergencies, so planning ahead is crucial to keep your family safe during a severe weather emergency.

Children with bunny ears searching for colorful eggs in snow drop flower meadow.

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Special Needs

Adapting Easter Egg Hunts for Kids With Disabilities

There’s no reason why children with disabilities need to miss out on Easter egg hunts. Throwing an accessible Easter egg hunt is the perfect way to celebrate.

Teacher assisting blind student in library at school.

Education, Special Needs

Expanded Core Curriculum Checklist for Visually Impaired Students

The Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) ensures visually impaired students can access the same education as their peers. This checklist explains how the ECC works in practice.

Happy new year. Family watching fireworks.

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Special Needs

8 Tips For a Successful Sensory-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party

Parties can be tricky if you have sensory processing issues. A sensory-friendly New Year’s Eve Party allows everybody to celebrate and have fun together.

Mother holding her new born baby boy.

Sleep, Special Needs

Sleep Regimen for Premature Babies: Special Considerations

It can take premature babies much longer than their full-term peers to sleep for long stretches. A preemie sleep schedule may encourage better sleep.

Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren In Art Class.


Exploring World Cultures: 4 Multicultural Activities for Preschoolers

Multicultural activities for preschoolers are a fun and engaging way to teach diversity. You can use cooking, art, and movement to explore world cultures.

Close up portrait of newborn cute caucasian baby girl or boy in hands of mother putting to sleep at night.


Mastering the Bedtime Routine: 3 Tips for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

From around six weeks, a newborn bedtime routine can help your baby learn the difference between day and night and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

A woman is breastfeeding a baby.

Breastfeeding, Sleep

Sleep and Breastfeeding: A Comprehensive Guide for Nursing Moms

Many people assume breastfeeding and sleep training don’t go together, but it is possible to help your baby sleep better while continuing your breastfeeding journey.