Jessica Holbrook, MSN, RN, CCRN

Jessica is a current ICU nurse and nurse writer with specialized certifications in pediatrics, life flight, and cardiac surgery. She has spent most of her healthcare career caring for medically complex and chronically ill pediatric patients. Her writing focuses on education of patients and families to help them make informed healthcare decisions.


Jessica graduated with her Masters of Science in Nursing from Weber State University, where she focused on hospital quality improvement and expanding access to healthcare for at-risk populations. Her masters thesis focused on health and wellness education for adolescents.


Before starting her career in healthcare, Jessica worked for years as a nanny and a high school sports coach. She spends her spare time trail running with her husband and baking with her daughter.

Jessica Holbrook
Young mother try to feeding a toddler boy with a spoon in a chair.

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What to Feed a Toddler With Diarrhea (and What Not to!)

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How to Use a Baking Soda Bath to Treat Diaper Rash

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The Third Trimester Checklist: Preparing for Your Baby

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9 Best Baby Probiotics of 2023

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Help! Why Is My Toddler Coughing at Night?

Viruses, smoke, or asthma can cause nighttime coughing. You can help your toddler by using a cool mist humidifier or giving them the correct medications.

Pump breast milk by Automatic machine.


When Can I Stop Pumping at Night?

If you choose to pump exclusively, you will need to pump as often as your baby needs to eat. As they get older, you’ll be able to stop pumping at...

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Can Teething Cause Congestion? What Parents Should Know

Teething can cause gum pain, drooling, and rashes in babies. However, congestion, fevers, and diarrhea are not typical teething symptoms.

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