Jessica Holbrook, MSN, RN, CCRN

Jessica is a current ICU nurse and nurse writer with specialized certifications in pediatrics, life flight, and cardiac surgery. She has spent most of her healthcare career caring for medically complex and chronically ill pediatric patients. Her writing focuses on education of patients and families to help them make informed healthcare decisions.


Jessica graduated with her Masters of Science in Nursing from Weber State University, where she focused on hospital quality improvement and expanding access to healthcare for at-risk populations. Her masters thesis focused on health and wellness education for adolescents.


Before starting her career in healthcare, Jessica worked for years as a nanny and a high school sports coach. She spends her spare time trail running with her husband and baking with her daughter.

Jessica Holbrook
Caring young mom showing support to unhappy offended kid.


4 Signs of a Socially Awkward Child

All children have moments of awkward behavior, but some children have more difficulty in social situations than others and may struggle to make friends.

Child playing with teddy bear.

Sensory Activities

How to Build a Calm-Down Kit for Kids

A calm-down kit is a box or area that contains a child’s favorite calming activities. Items should be safe and encourage independent play.

Little boy crying and sitting on the ground.


6 Ways to Address Mood Swings in Children

Mood swings in children can be managed by establishing a routine, teaching coping skills, setting clear boundaries, and modeling appropriate behavior.

Portrait of an adorable baby girl playing with a toy walker at home.

Fine and Gross Motor

Are Push Walkers Bad for Babies?

Push walkers were created to help babies learn to walk. However, research shows that walkers may actually slow your baby’s progress.

Mom doing gymnastics with kid.


My Toddler Keeps Tilting His Head to His Shoulder. Should I Be Worried?

Head tilting in toddlers is often due to torticollis, or tight neck muscles on one side. This can usually be corrected with physical therapy.

Happy children, baby little girls running in the tunnel and playing toys in children's play room on her birthday.

Special Needs

What Does “Sensory-Friendly” Mean?

Sensory-friendly environments help children with sensitivities to sounds, smells, textures, movement, and other types of sensory inputs.

Father pushing disabled boy in special needs handicap swing.

Play, Special Needs

Inclusive Playgrounds: How To Create Play Spaces for Children of All Abilities

Inclusive playgrounds should involve the community in planning and be designed with accessibility, inclusive social play, and safety in mind.

School children Hand cleaner.

IEPs, Potty Training

7 Sample Toileting IEP Goals

Toileting IEP goals should address the specific needs and abilities of each child. Be flexible and patient as your child works on their toileting skills.

happy young mother and child travellers with open suitcase suitcase ready for resort at modern home in sunny summer day.

Special Needs

7 Tips for Traveling With a Medically Complex Child

Traveling with a medically complex child is easier with the right medical equipment, accessible accommodations, and good emergency planning.

A tiny premature baby girl being fed by bottle by her mother.

Feeding and Eating, Special Needs

Feeding Therapy Approaches for Infants with Special Needs

Many children with special needs have feeding difficulties. Working with a speech therapist, being patient, and experimenting with textures can help.

A mother helping son to blow a nose in a park.

Health & Nutrition

5 Tips for Managing Spring Allergies in Kids

Spring allergies can cause uncomfortable symptoms. The best way to navigate allergies in kids is to identify triggers and avoid exposure.

Father changing diapers his daughter toddler girl at home in bedroom.

Health & Nutrition

Help! Why Is My Child’s Poop Like Sand?

Changes in stool consistency can be caused by your child’s diet or certain medical conditions. A pediatrician can help you if you are concerned.