Mary McDonach

Mary McDonach is the mother to a beautiful little girl who was born with the gene for albinism. She writes about raising a strong and independent child with low vision.

nursing baby

Breastfeeding, Visual Impairment

Breastfeeding & Bonding with Your Visually Impaired Infant

Breast feeding a baby can be difficult, especially if they have a vision impairment. Learn about your options when choosing to nurse a blind or visually impaired baby.

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The Cruelty of Strangers: Responding to Rude Comments as a Special Needs Parent

As the parent of a disabled child you've probably encountered a stranger who may have said something hurtful or downright rude. We'll give you advice on how to deal with...

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Sorting Through the Grieving Process After Receiving a Special Needs Diagnosis

Mary McDonach explains that learning of a child's disability can cause a parent to experience a grief reaction bringing on the standard and familiar stages of grief. She helps you...

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Visual Impairment

Creating Lasting Memories with your Visually Impaired Child

We've got some great creative ways to make lasting memories to share with your child as they grow. These ideas are great for parents of blind children.

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Behavior, Visual Impairment

I Feel for You: How to Teach Your Blind Child About Empathy & Social Interaction

Mary McDonach takes on the difficult topic of empathy by breaking down its components and identifying how a blind child's experiences affects their ability to understand walking in another person's...

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Behavior, Visual Impairment

Bullying: A Parent’s Perspective on Raising a Blind Child

Are you worried your blind child may have trouble fitting in with their sighted peers? We'll give you some advice to help you keep your kid bully free!

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Visual Impairment

Swimming with a Child Who is Visually Impaired

Has your child ever done something so amazing that you felt like you were about to pop with pride? Mary tells the story of how her daughter learned to swim,...

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Eye Conditions and Syndromes, Visual Impairment

Raising a Blind Child with Albinism

Read Mary's story about the birth of her daughter and the struggles and pride she feels raising a child who is visually impaired.