Penny Duffy

Penny Duffy is mother to a young woman with a visual impairment. She has experience advocating at both the state and federal level for children with disabilities and is a board member on the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children and the National Federation of the Blind NH. She is also president of NH Parents of Blind Children.

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5 Tips to Becoming a Legislative Advocate for Your Special Needs Child

Penny discusses how to become more active in advocating for your child through the legislative system. When you have a child with a disability you need to be heard -...

Aly with Lightaide

Assistive Technology, Eye Conditions and Syndromes, iPad Apps and Accessibility

The “Big 3 Tool Kit” for Children with CVI: PLUS the 20 Best CVI-Friendly iPad Apps!

Children with CVI often prefer clear, crisp images with little background clutter. They respond well to high contrast, bright colors (especially yellow or red), movement and LIGHTS!

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Support, Visual Impairment

5 Steps to Overcoming Your Child’s Vision Loss

I had thought about calling this post, “My 6 year old child became blind now what?” When my daughter first started losing her vision, that's the book I was looking...