Which family will keep Marty the SMART Brailler?

Which family will keep Marty the SMART Brailler?

Marty the SMART Brailler has been traveling across the United States visiting families so they can learn all about this new brailler and it’s fun features. He’s made his way back to Perkins Products and he’s ready to settle down. But where should he live?

Help Marty Find a Place to Live!

One of the six families who hosted Marty will get to keep him! Voters have been helping Marty decide where to live by choosing one family who will win their very own SMART Brailler. Voting is now closed.

The votes have been counted and the winner of the SMART Brailler is Abby Duffy! Congratulations Abby! And Perkins Products is offering a very generous $500 off the brailler to the other five families!

Want to know more about these families? Please visit the Backpacking SMART Brailler event page to learn more about each family and see photos and videos of them with the brailler.

Congratulations to Abby Duffy!

Abby (The Duffy Family): 40.34%

Alden (The Porter Family): 39.26%

Clay (The Derderian Family): 7.86%

Tommy (The Kovacs Family): 6.55%

Adelyn (The McNew Family): 4.19%

Jon Paul (The Corman Family): 1.80%

Let’s help all the families get SMART Braillers! Visit their donation pages today!