Gene Therapy Experts Meet to Exchange Knowledge


By Hillary Kleck

The Casey Eye Institute – Oregon Health and Science University hosted a one-day event for 130 of the world’s leading retinal gene therapy experts where they could take the time to share their knowledge with one another.

The sheer importance of such an opportunity for these top scientists, engineers and researchers has not gone unnoticed. The benefits of their time to network with colleagues they wouldn’t ordinarily be communicating with are wrapped up in the progress and results being made in the field and the promising advancement of gene therapy to help cure blindness. The largest impact comes when data is shared between trials that are unlikely to have much in common, and then what seems like one ‘minor’ detail can prove to be huge in another trial.

Among the presentations, top researchers reported positive findings on clinic trials of gene therapy for people with LCA, Usher Syndrome, Stargardt disease, among many others. You can find details on the highlights of the event in the Foundation Fighting Blindness’s article, Promising Research Highlighted at the Meeting of Retinal Gene Therapy Experts. The meeting was sponsored in part by the Foundation Fighting Blindness as well.


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