Thank You to Geno and Friends for Raising $20,000 for and Perkins School for the Blind!

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When I first heard about Geno and his fundraiser for WonderBaby and Perkins School for the Blind I was in the hospital sitting next to my son’s bed. He had experienced 17 seizures in less than 2 hours and we had to rush him to the emergency room at Boston Children’s Hospital.

He was recovering well, but it was still a bleak day. My phone alerted me to a new message and I read that someone I had never met before was determined to help other families just like ours by raising money to support the work we do at WonderBaby and Perkins. That spot of light filled my heart with such gratitude and I knew that we were not alone—that there are others out there who care for us and will always be there to support us.

I’ve since learned so much more about Geno and I know that spreading that sense of love and support is exactly what he does best! A cancer survivor himself, he doesn’t take anything for granted. His mission is to make this world a better place and to help us all appreciate the life we have. We are all connected!

I want to personally thank Geno and all of his friends and supporters for raising an amazing $20,000 in less than three months! Wow! I’m so grateful and so excited to see what we can do next now that we have these funds. Stay tuned!

Amber Bobnar, mom to Ivan and founder of


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