O-Rings Toys for Special Kids!

Baby in O-Rings

A few years ago Maeve Jopson were looking for help in designing a new toy specifically for visually impaired kids. She wanted to know what parents are looking for in toys for their visually impaired kids. Fast forward to today and Maeve and her business partner Cynthia have a toy ready for production!

They’ve created O-Rings, large stackable rings that differ in size, density, texture, filling and color. These rings allow for open and creative play and are perfect for enhancing muscle coordination and strength.

Kids can stack them, lay in them, roll them, crawl over them or through them… the possibilities are endless!


a stack of O-Rings


They are big, so they encourage full-body exploration and engage kids in sensory play. They can also be used for seating and positioning.

O-Rings are great for developing…

  • texture sensitivity
  • spacial awareness
  • orientation & mobility skills
  • social play

O-Rings are big, but only about 15 pounds altogether, so they aren’t too overwhelming. Kids of all abilities can have fun playing with the O-Rings in therapy or at home. Check out the video below to see how much fun they are or learn more about O-Rings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




O-Rings Toys for Special Kids


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