The Blind Cook is Cooking with Her Four Senses

the blind cook

Some people might find cooking without the benefit of sight daunting. Not Christine Ha. Not only does she cook with very little vision, but she was the first blind person to compete on the reality show Master Chefs. And she actually won. Clearly her lack of sight is not an impediment for her.

So it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that Ha has her own reality show, called Four Senses. It’s about using your other four senses to cook: smell, touch, taste and sound. But more than that, it also focuses on nutrition and eye health. And professional chefs have guest appearances on the show.

Each episode has a theme – holiday, guide dog food, and texture are three of them. Some episodes have info on cool gadgets like the iGrill and an app for reading nutritional information on cereal boxes. Some feature interesting takes on food, such as what hikers eat to prepare for a race or how to properly keep knives.

And they all offer a wealth of information beyond cooking that is interesting to everyone, including those who have vision.
Each episode is around 22 minutes long, making it a palatable bite of time to invest. Ha and her sighted co-host Carl Heinrich are lively and interesting and nutritionist Melissa Ramos offers fascinating tidbits on how to eat right to stay healthy.

The series is produced by AMI, a company out of Canada dedicated to making media accessible to all Canadians with any sort of communication disability, including vision and hearing issues.

Be prepared to get some great tips and bring your appetite. This show will make you want to cook. Or at least eat.

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