WonderBaby T-Shirts!

I am a WonderBaby t-shirt on a smiling little girl

We’re in the clothing business!

WonderBaby.org now has super cute t-shirts for your WonderBaby!

Are you ready to announce to the world all the wonders of your baby? Our shirts say “I am a WonderBaby” in bright, bold colors. T-shirts are available in kids’ sizes XS to XL in 6 fun colors and printed on premium quality material. Only $16 each!

I am a WonderBaby t-shirt in four different colors

Want to buy a shirt? Just visit our store on Teespring to place your order. If you’re wondering about sizes, Ivan is 90 pounds and about 5 feet tall and he wears a large.

If you buy one of our shirts and want to share a photo of your baby in the shirt, please contact us. If you want shirts in bigger sizes or different colors, please leave a comment below.

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