Downloads & Printables

All of our printables are free and open for public use. They are all in .pdf format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them on your computer, or you can learn more about Adobe Accessibility and using screen readers to read .pdf files.

If you use any of our original printables on your own site, please credit as the original creator.



Audio & Video Downloads

We’ve searched the internet for the best audio and video resources about blindness, genetic testing, and disabilities. Most of the links below will take you to another site where you can watch or listen to the file. If the link will begin downloading a file directly to your computer, we let you know.

  • Genetic testing for LCA: Dr. Edwin Stone delivers a talk about genetic testing.
  • LCA gene therapy trials: The presentation to the NIH outlining future plans for gene therapy. (Clicking link will begin download.)
  • Carver Labs: Links to two presentations: “Large-scale, non-profit Genetic Testing for Inherited Eye Diseases” and “The Interdisciplinary Approach to Curing Blindness.”

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Education & Development Printables

Looking for fun recreational resources for your special needs child? Check out this guide…


Want to make your own Sensory Play Area? Here’s how…


How do you organize your work out time with your baby? Read our article Let’s Play! Let’s Work! and download our chart below. We’ll help you develop your own Baby Workout Program.


Ever wonder what your child is “supposed” to be doing by a certain age? You can download our development charts below – some are intended for sighted children and some are for visually impaired kids. Use these as a reference, but don’t take them too seriously!

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Braille Printables

Are you the parent of a blind child? Are you teaching yourself Braille? Here are a couple of printables that will help you learn to read Braille by sight:

  • Braille Cheat Sheet: A blank sheet that you can use to record difficult contractions. Keep it with you while you’re studying.
  • Braille Alphabet & Numbers: A simple chart of the Braille alphabet and numbers. Post it on your refrigerator for quick reference.
  • Braille Alphabet Song: A fun and simple song developed by Carol Crozier and her granddaughter. What a cool way to learn braille!

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Parenting Printables

Use this helpful Sleep Chart to track your child’s sleep patterns:


Learn about how parent’s typically respond and adjust to the news that their child is visually impaired with this printable:


Looking for a fun Halloween costume you can easily make yourself? Check out how to make your own baby and daddy Pumpkin Costumes and download our templates below:

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