3Doodler Pen & Accessories

A rose necklace made with the 3Doodler


The 3Doodler Pen is a 3D printing device that can be used within minutes, without needing any technical knowledge, software or computers. It heats special plastic string and you control what you draw and create just as if you were using a pen! It costs $99 and can be found at many stores and online. It’s relatively the size of a large marker and not too heavy, either.

The cool part is that it actually allows you to literally draw in the air – whether freestyle 3D sketching or tracing shapes from templates to make larger structures and objects. We think it’d be great for making raised line graphics as well as outlines of 3D shapes and even much more complex structures for kids who are blind or visually impaired. It would make a great tool for teachers and parents! However, due to the hot temperature the plastic reaches, it should be used by adults and older children only.

The 3Doodler.com website has a lot of information about their products where you can also find accessories. The plastic cartridges come in a wide range of colors so you could customize projects for kids with CVI and other visual impairments.

Watch it in action below:



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