Rainbow Lessons with Light and Texture

A LightAide Lesson Plan from Loge Elementary School
LightAide Lesson in Loge Elementary School
Jeanne Lee

This is a seven-day lesson plan from Loge Elementary School where we spend one day on each color of the rainbow. This lesson uses the bright lights of the LightAide with additional tactile elements.


Learning Objective

Color Identification (using the colors of the rainbow-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple)


Secondary Objectives

Cause-Effect, Fine-Motor Skills, Counting


Materials Needed

  • LightAide
  • Push button switch
  • iPad
  • Solo Cup Rainbow Board
  • Magnetic Rainbow Board



  1. Watch YouTube Video on iPad (Rainbow Color Song), emphasizing color of the day.
  2. Use LightAide and switch to build rainbow, emphasizing color of the day.
  3. Reach and grasp for textured (color of the day) strip of the rainbow from the magnetic board.
  4. Reach for and push out (color of the day) solo cups from the Rainbow Board.
  5. Once cups are removed from the rainbow board, count the cups.
  6. Then stack the cups.