Glo Pals Water-Activated Light-Up Cubes for Sensory Play

Glo Pals in a water sensory table.

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Glo Pals are light-up cubes that are only activated when they are wet! They were created by a mom whose son is on the spectrum and didn’t enjoy bath time. He loved light toys, so she wanted to make a toy that would only light up in the water, encouraging him to get in the bathtub!

Each cube will last a minimum of 16 hours and should be fully dried between play. Check out these tips for keeping bath toys clean.

You can play with the cubes in a water table, in the bathtub, or even in jars or bowls of water at the kitchen table. They are also fun to combine with water beads.

They do work better in dim light, so night time play is best! The cubes are fun on their own or with the posable glo pals figures.

Glo Pals Water-Activated Light-Up Cubes for Sensory Play
  • Supports Sensory Development: Fine Motor Skills, Cause & Effect, Cognitive Skills and Color Recognition
  • NEW + IMPROVED: 2x Battery Life, Increased Durability and Expressive New Look!
  • Water-Activated Light-Up Cubes; Automatically Turns Off when Fully Dry. Each Vibrant Reusable Light-Up Cube Lasts a Minimum of 30 Days!
  • Hand Packaged with ♥ in Mississippi by a US-Based Small-Business

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