How to Make Unpoppable Bubbles

Young Girls Playing Bubbles

  • Unpoppable bubbles are made from a few simple ingredients and can last for over an hour. 
  • Letting your unpoppable bubble solution sit for 24 hours will help create stronger, longer-lasting bubbles. 
  • You can store unpoppable bubble solution in an airtight container in a cool, dark place in your house. 

There’s nothing like running around the yard while blowing bubbles. Bubbles have this unique ability to keep little ones entertained for hours. However, the problem with bubbles is they pop. (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.) 

Allow me to introduce you to unpoppable bubbles. While no bubble is truly unpoppable, this simple recipe will help create significantly more durable bubbles than regular ones. 

As a fair warning, unpoppable bubbles should sit for at least 24 hours before use. Having a stand-by activity is best when you finish making your solution or consider making the solution ahead of time without telling your kiddos. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

What to Prepare

Ingredients of Unpoppable Bubbles

Bubbles aren’t just fun; they’re educational, too! According to Science World11. Bubbles. Science World. , bubbles help teach:

  • Surface tension
  • Elasticity
  • Minimal surface structures 

Now that we know more about bubbles’ fantastic properties, let’s discuss the materials needed to make unpoppable bubbles. 

  • Mixing bowl
  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 cup dish soap
  • ½ cup corn syrup 
  • Food coloring (Optional)

Some recipes call for glycerin, which helps make bubbles last longer, but I wanted to use what I had on hand. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Unpoppable Bubbles

Making unpoppable bubbles is one of the best stem activities for preschoolers because it helps them understand basic scientific principles. It also comes together quickly, although there is some waiting involved. Let’s take a look at how to create your solution. 

Prepare the Solution

Prepare the solution for bubbles

As with any DIY project, you have to prepare your product! Preparing your solution doesn’t take long, but it’s best to let it sit overnight for optimal results. Once you’re finished, you might want to have some regular bubbles on standby to keep your kiddos entertained. 

To prepare the unpoppable bubble solution:

  1. Pour the dish soap into your bowl 
  2. Add the corn syrup
  3. Finally, add the water and gently mix
  4. Wait several hours to let the mixture rest

Patience is critical for getting the most desirable unpoppable bubbles. While waiting a whole day is optimal, letting the mixture sit for a few hours will help. 

Create Your Bubbles

Whisk to create bubbles

Once your mixture is ready, you can create bubbles with a bubble wand or straw. Here are a few steps to consider when making your bubbles. 

  • Pour your bubble solution into a wide container, making it easier to dip your wands. 
  • Dip your wand into the solution, ensuring it’s fully coated. 
  • Gently lift the wand out of the solution and move it through the air to create your bubbles. 
  • Wet your hands to catch the bubbles without popping them. 

Advanced Tips and Tricks

While there is no exact science to making unpoppable bubbles, there are several tips to prevent a meltdown or tantrum. (We’ve all been there!) Remember, sometimes it takes trial and error to find the best mixture of ingredients to create ideal unpoppable bubbles. 

Adjusting the Formula

Adjusting the bubble solution

Adding more corn syrup is best if your bubbles aren’t forming well. In addition, the type of dish soap will affect whether you need extra corn syrup. For example, you may need more corn syrup if you use ultra dishwashing liquid (like me!). 

Creating Giant Unpoppable Bubbles

Unpoppable Bubbles Collage

While patience isn’t always easy for little ones, the longer you let your mixture sit, the better bubbles you’ll produce. Ideally, you’ll wait at least 24 hours before you attempt to make unpoppable bubbles. 

Additional techniques for creating giant unpoppable bubbles are:

  • Use a string loop or wire coat hanger to make larger bubbles. 
  • Mix gently to avoid creating foam or bubbles within your mixture.
  • Keep your solution at room temperature to prevent your bubbles from popping quickly. 
  • Add a tablespoon of sugar if your bubbles still have trouble staying together.

You can also add the solution to bubble machines or wands. My daughter has a bubble blower wand, and the unpoppable solution worked great!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Unpoppable Bubbles Collage

Bubbles last longer in humid environments and pop quickly if the air is dry. In addition, it’s essential to be gentle when handling the bubbles. While they are deemed “unpoppable,” they’ll last longer if you carefully handle them. 

Additional troubleshooting tips include:

  • Use distilled water if you’re having difficulty forming bubbles. (Hard water isn’t optimal for making bubbles.)
  • Add more soap if your bubbles aren’t forming; you might have too much water.
  • Add more corn syrup if your bubbles are popping too fast. 
  • If your wand is having trouble creating bubbles, use a different one. (Sometimes, this is the simplest fix!)

Benefits of Playing with Bubbles 

Unpoppable Bubbles Collage

Bubbles are fantastic at helping babies build hand-eye coordination as they reach for their homemade bubbles. 

In addition, bubbles help develop the following skills in children:

Although spilled bubbles are no fun, allow your child to dip the wand into them and blow them. This is another great way to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 


Are unpoppable bubbles safe for toddlers and pets?

If all the ingredients are non-toxic, unpoppable bubbles are considered safe for toddlers and pets. For example, corn syrup is food-grade and safe if ingested, although it may not taste good. It’s always best to check your soap bottle to determine whether it’s non-toxic. 

However, you should avoid blowing the bubbles directly at someone’s face, which can irritate the eyes. Finally, when you’re done blowing bubbles, ensure the floor isn’t wet or slippery. 

How long can an unpoppable bubble last without popping?

The term “unpoppable” will vary greatly depending on your solution quality, environmental conditions, handling, and air movement. However, unpoppable bubbles can last from a few minutes to an hour or more with optimal conditions. 

What is the best way to store unpoppable bubble solutions for future use?

It’s best to store unpoppable bubble solutions in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. When you’re ready to use the bubble solution, gently shake the container to ensure the ingredients are mixed together.

How can you make unpoppable bubbles without glycerin if allergic?

Glycerin is optional when creating unpoppable bubbles, but it’s important to use corn syrup to help strengthen your bubble film.


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How to Make Unpoppable Bubbles

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