Wine for Moms of Blind Kids

A collection of wines
Amber Bobnar

I hate it when I conform to a stereotype, but you know how they say moms like chocolate and wine? Well, yeah, I'd be pretty happy at a chocolate and wine party. So if you're thinking about getting me any gifts... there you go!

A glass of wine with dinner helps iron out the stresses of the day for lots of moms, but us special needs moms have more stresses than most! Not to say we drink more... just that maybe we need it for more reasons.


Coffee and wine


Anyway, with all that in mind we've created some fun wine labels just for moms of blind kids. We've got you covered for those days when your child has broken another pair of glasses to those times when you need to destress after a confrontational IEP meeting. We also have celebratory wines for those proud braille mommy moments or when you're celebrating successful cane skills. Just save any of the wine label graphics below to download the image or you can grab all seven in one file.


Another pair of broken glasses


These labels would make great gifts too! Just buy a nice bottle of wine (let's not be cheap now) and remove the back label - we've found the back label is easier to remove without leaving any glue behind. Print your favorite design on label paper, like Avery Arched Labels, and place the label on your bottle. To make it even easier for you, here is a file with all the labels pre-sized for Avery label paper.


Celebrating successful cane skills


Not sleeping, just blind


After the IEP destresser


On hold with insurance


I survived another meltdown


Proud braille mommy moment



Wine for moms of blind kids


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