The 5 Best Cloth Diaper Covers of 2023

Mom changes a cloth diaper to a baby on a changing table.

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  • Diaper covers are a necessity in any cloth diaper system. 
  • They protect against leaks with their waterproof lining and material. 
  • Inserts, a diaper sprayer, and wet bags make cloth diapering simple. 
  • There are 5 elements to look for in a diaper cover before purchasing.

Cloth diaper covers are the backbone of any cloth diapering system. Providing a solid defense against leaks big and small, you don’t want to make the cloth diaper journey without them. Which cloth diaper covers are best, though? After all, you want something that not only works but offers a good fit and long-term use.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend your time sifting through options and reviews because we’ve got you covered! Below are the 5 best cloth diaper covers of 2023 and we’re willing to bet they’ll meet the varying needs of any cloth diapering family. 

Our Choice: Hibaby Cloth Diaper Cover

Hibaby Cloth Diaper Cover
  • Notice: It does NOT include the insert.You can search ” B01K4B9R58 ” to find the paired insert.Suitable for baby around 10 – 36 lbs.
  • Material: PUL (polyurethane laminate)
  • Size: Have 3 adjustable rise settings that are designed to fit your tiny baby from 10 – 36 lbs.
  • Covers may be used several times before needing to be washed
Hibaby Cloth Diaper Cover Collage
  • Easy, powerful snaps
  • Long lasting
  • Medium thickness
  • Soft to the touch
  • Flexes with your child
  • Line dry quickly
  • Elastics tight for some babies
  • Holds stains

Though there are more than enough baby diaper covers to pick from, the Hibaby Cloth Diaper Cover earns the top spot for a few distinct reasons. First, the snaps were really easy to connect, even with my squirmy toddler working against me. I was also surprised at how soft it was despite the fact that it’s made of a laminated material (polyurethane laminate).

Compared to other cloth diapers, this diaper cover felt like more of a medium thickness. Not too bulky but also not thin enough to cause leaks. In fact, many parents commented on this, saying the thickness was great for getting the job done without hindering their child’s movements. They’re also said to line dry quickly, which is a plus. 

While this diaper cover doesn’t come with many concerns, there are two. The main concern is the elastic on the legs, as it’s proven to be too tight for some babies. The second concern, while not as common a complaint, is that these covers can hold stains.   

Material: Polyurethane laminate | Available Sizes: Baby (10-36 lbs) | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 36 pounds
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Best One Size Fits All: Simfamily Waterproof Diaper Cover

Simfamily Waterproof Diaper Cover
  • Each Package Including:1 Pc X Diaper Cover, Pliable, breathable ultra-comfortable waterproof fabric
  • Double Gussets, Double Protection
  • The Material Is Waterproof Reusable Printed PUL Fabric. Beautiful Colorful Snaps And Color Binding, Very New And Fashion Pattern.
  • Used For 3-15 KGS And 3-36 Months Baby. Could Use Together With The Insert, Prefold Diaper And Cotton Gauze.
Simfamily Waterproof Diaper Cover Collage
  • Trim fit cover
  • Hip snaps
  • One size fits all
  • Ultra breathable
  • Easy to clean
  • Great quality for price
  • Stiff elastic
  • Some colors are off
  • Smaller than other one size diapers

The Simfamily Waterproof Diaper Cover keeps you from making any future purchases with its trim-fitting one size fits all style. At first, when I unpackaged it, I was skeptical of the one-size concept. On further inspection, though, the hip snaps and pliable fabric definitely create the ideal combination for a custom fit.

The quality is impeccable for such a reasonable price, with the stitching and vibrancy of the material being stand-out qualities. Best of all, these baby diaper covers are reported to be easy to clean.

Reviewers did take issue with a few parts of this diaper cover, though. Many reported that the colors were not as pictured. Others say the diaper itself is smaller than other one size fits all options. While I can’t speak to those, I can see why some parents thought the elastic was too stiff. It may relax more with washing, but I can’t attest to that. 

Material: 100% polyester with TPU laminate | Available Sizes: Newborn (4-15 lbs), One Size (6-35+ lbs) | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 35 pounds
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Best Double Gusset: Kanga Care Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Cover

Kanga Care Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Cover
  • One Size Cover = 4 Sizes in One! The Rumparooz One Size Diaper Covers have 4 adjustable rise settings that are designed to fit your baby from birth to potty training with 1 cover; Weight range of cover stars at 6 lbs and will fit up to 35+ lbs; Covers may be used several times before needing to be washed; Snap Closure
  • Double sidewall gusset
  • 4 rise settings
  • Super soft
  • Thicker than others
  • Durable PUL layer
  • Very easy to clean
  • More wear and tear if you dry them
  • Not snug enough for tiny babies
  • Leaks through logo on the back

For extra protection against leaks, the Kanga Care Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Cover is an excellent choice, offering strong yet comfortable double-leg gussets. Parents were particularly impressed with the softness of the fabric, too. Only having one layer of waterproof PUL, it holds up just as well as other diapers with multiple layers.

This diaper cover does have a few flaws, though. They can be a bit loose on tinier babies and require a hang-dry if you want them to last as long as possible. The main complaint, though, is the logo placement. Stitched into the PUL, leaks can permeate through the stitching where the logo was placed.

Material: Cotton | Available Sizes: Baby (6-33 lbs) | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 33 pounds
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Best Velcro Fasteners: Bambino Mio Diaper Cover

Bambino Mio Diaper Cover
  • Super soft and stretchy diaper covers made from a lightweight fabric to allow your baby freedom to move and explore
  • Water resistant and wipe clean so no need to reach for a new cover after every diaper change
  • Double elasticated leg cuffs and waist give you ultimate leak protection
  • Soft and gentle for ultimate comfort and has a super slim fit
  • 20 fun patterns
  • Double elastic leg cuffs
  • 2 sizes for infant to toddler
  • Lightweight material
  • Super slim fit
  • Velcro fasteners
  • Elastic on legs can be loose
  • Velcro can scratch the legs
  • Doesn’t come with insert

If you prefer to avoid snaps, then the Bambino Mio Diaper Cover is your best bet. With strong velcro fasteners and a slim fit, you’re sure to get a personalized fit for your baby. These diaper covers also come in 20 fun patterns, 2 sizes that fit from infant to toddler, and a lightweight fabric to aid in breathability.

While the velcro is their key feature, it can also be the biggest downfall for some babies. If the fasteners aren’t on correctly, they can scratch the skin. The elastic on the legs is said to be too loose depending on the size of the baby too. Some parents were also disappointed that it didn’t come with any inserts.   

Material: 100% Polyester with TPU laminate | Available Sizes: Size 1 (<21 lbs), Size 2 (21lbs+) | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 20 pounds
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Best Pull-On: Dappi Waterproof Diaper Pants

Dappi Waterproof Diaper Pants
  • Medium fits 20-25 pounds
  • Durable waterproof nylon
  • Soft spandex waist and leg openings provide maximum comfort
  • 2 pairs per pack
  • Stretchy waistband
  • Rip proof
  • Non-bulky style
  • Extremely durable
  • Quick on and off
  • Affordable 2 pack
  • Can run big
  • Thinner than some expected
  • Not aesthetically pleasing

A simple pull on and off style, the Dappi Waterproof Diaper Pants make for easy changes. The stretchy waistband creates a comfortable fit, while the lack of excess material gives this waterproof cover a non-bulky look. Rip-proof and extremely durable, they’ll last through multiple siblings for sure.

For some parents, these covers felt too thin, though. The free-flowing nylon can give the appearance of excess material and, in some cases, results in a bigger fit. They’re also not an aesthetically pleasing option as they only come in a transparent material, unlike other diaper covers with fun, kid-friendly patterns.

Material: Nylon | Available Sizes: Newborn to X-Large | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 35 pounds
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Recommended Accessories

Cloth diapers require more supplies than disposables, that’s for sure. While they’re not all required, these accessories make the process much more seamless.

  • Inserts: Most of the diaper covers you’ll purchase don’t come with the inserts needed to use them, so these are a purchase you’ll absolutely need to make. 
  • Diaper Sprayer: Don’t spend your time scrubbing out waste. To make cleaning dirty diaper covers easier, diaper sprayers are the way to go.
  • Wet Bag: Perfect for storing soiled diapers on the go, wet bags are a necessity for your cloth diapers. 

Diaper Covers: Wrap vs Pull-on

Diaper covers are the outermost shell of the cloth diaper system, acting as the waterproof outer layer that ultimately prevents leaks. These covers come in two styles: wraps and pull-ons. Wraps are most common when people think of cloth diapers. They come in a few fastening options, both snaps and velcro. 

Pull-on covers are the other style of diaper cover, performing exactly as their name sounds. They simply pull on your baby much like you’d put on underwear. Whichever you choose, you’ll line them with the insert of your choice for absorption.

What to Look for in a Cloth Diaper Cover

Every diaper cover offers something unique, and the list of elements below can help you decide what to look for prior to making your purchase. 

  • Style: Decide on which style diaper cover you want. Wrap or pull on?
  • Leg Gussets: Is just one gusset enough, or do you need a double gusset? 
  • Material: Polyester, nylon, or TPU fabric? They all have their own feel. 
  • Cost: There are covers for every budget; just make sure the reviews hold up. 
  • Sizing: Do you prefer one-size diaper covers or more specialized fits with different sizes? 


How many diaper covers does a baby need?

There’s no exact number of baby diaper covers a family needs, but on average, most parents like to have between 4 and 8. You’ll find it helpful to have more when your child is smaller, as baby poops in infants can often be messier. The older your child gets, though, the fewer covers you’ll find you need. 

How many times can you use a diaper cover before washing it?

How often your diaper cover needs washing will really hinge on how much it’s used and if it’s soiled or not. Obviously, if it’s gotten dirty, go ahead and throw it in the wash. Otherwise, you can reuse them 3 to 4 times before they’ll really need to be cleaned. 

How long do cloth diaper covers last?

At a minimum, a baby diaper cover should last you 2 years. That’s definitely on the low side, though. Some diaper covers, if well made enough, can last up to 10 years. It’s not uncommon to hear of families that utilize reusable diaper covers being able to pass them down to a future sibling or family friend.

Best Cloth Diaper Covers

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