Sarah Claywell

Sarah is a blogger and freelance writer with experience in many niches, motherhood being her favorite. A stay at home mom with two beautiful babies of her own, she enjoys sharing real and relatable information through writing. 


Writing aside, she likes keeping up with health and fitness trends, where her formal education lies. She’s also a major foodie and documentary fanatic.

Sarah Claywell
Pretty Asian woman wearing cute apron holding cook book thinking of what to cook.


10 Stay at Home Mom Motivation Boosters To Keep You Going

Staying motivated as a stay-at-home mom isn't easy when you're responsible for so much. But these motivation boosters are sure to keep you going!

children and mother crying first day go to pre-kindergarten school.


How To Help a Child With Separation Anxiety at School

Helping your child cope with separation anxiety at school can feel like an uphill battle without the right tools. Learn how to set them up for success here!

The woman eating a lot of sweets while pregnancy.


When Do Pregnancy Cravings Start?

You always hear about food cravings during pregnancy, but what really are these cravings, and when do they start? Learn everything about pregnancy food cravings here!

Adorable children skipping rope indoors.

Fine and Gross Motor

Fine vs. Gross Motor Skills: What’s the Difference?

Motor skills are an essential part of your child's development, but what exactly are they, and how can you help them to develop? Find all the details here!

Mother and baby toddler on reception at the child dentist.

Health & Nutrition

Making Baby’s First Dental Visit a Happy Milestone

Are you stressed about your baby's first dental visit? You don't have to be. Check out this guide to make their first dental visit a happy milestone!

Children's room with a play tent, pillows and toys in baskets.

Sensory Activities

How To Create a Sensory Corner

If you're looking for resources to help your child's sensory regulation, look no further than a sensory corner! Learn how to create the perfect sensory corner.

Stylish child room interior with comfortable floor bed.

Product Reviews

Montessori Floor Bed Buying Guide (+ Our Top Picks!)

Considering a Montessori floor bed but unsure of what to look for or why they're beneficial to begin with? This buying guide has all the answers, plus our top picks!

Mother sitting on her bed looking down at her baby sleeping in his cot.


Sleep Training While Room Sharing: How To Make It Work

Sleep training is no walk in the park under any circumstances. If you’re sleep training while room sharing, this guide's got you covered!

Group Of Pre School Children Answering Question In Classroom.


Examining the Necessity of Preschool in Early Education

Wondering if preschool is right for your child but unsure of the ins and outs? Don't miss this full breakdown examining the necessity of preschool in early education.

A beautiful mother teaches teaches her little son how to swim in the pool.


The Essential Guide to Baby Swim Lessons

Baby swim lessons don’t have to be intimidating, especially when you've got all the right information. Don't miss this essential guide to baby swim lessons!

Two little blond kid boys playing together board game at home.


Unleashing Fun with the 7 Best Board Games for Toddlers

Family game night has never been more fun now that you can get the littlest members of your crew involved! Don't miss out on the best board games for toddlers.

White shelving with colorful storage baskets and boxes with toys.

Play, Toys

Ingenious Toy Storage Ideas to Revolutionize Your Space

Your home doesn't have to be overwhelmed by toys, even in the throes of raising tiny humans. Revolutionize your space with these ingenious toy storage ideas today!