Sarah Claywell

Sarah is a blogger and freelance writer with experience in many niches, motherhood being her favorite. A stay at home mom with two beautiful babies of her own, she enjoys sharing real and relatable information through writing. 


Writing aside, she likes keeping up with health and fitness trends, where her formal education lies. She’s also a major foodie and documentary fanatic.

Sarah Claywell
Unrecognizable mother feeding her baby daughter with yogurt.

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The 11 Best Baby Yogurt Brands You Can Buy for Your Baby

Feeding your baby yogurt has way more health benefits than you may think! Don't miss out on the best baby yogurt brands you can buy for your baby today.

Cute little children eating food at daycare centre.

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11 Organic Snacks Kids (and Parents) Will Love!

There are lots of snacks you can feel good about giving your kids. Start with this solid selection of organic snacks for kids (and parents) to get you started!

Asian beautiful mom motherhood lie down nursing hug newborn baby infant toddler.


Sleep Training Your Baby: What Parents Need To Know

There are a lot of moving parts when sleep training your baby. Don’t miss out on all the critical information here that’ll lead to sleep training success!

Happy young mom walks in the park in the summer with a stroller for twins, smiling.

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The 5 Best Double Strollers for Travel of 2023

Traveling with kids can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! Make your travels with multiple little ones a breeze with the best double strollers for travel.

Asian mother hugging her infant on ergonomic baby carrier.

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The 5 Best Baby Carriers for Back Pain of 2023

Don’t let your back pain keep you from using one of the most convenient pieces of baby gear! Grab one of the best baby carriers for back pain today!

Woman with her son in baby carrier at home.

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The 7 Best Toddler Carriers of 2023

Toddlers still like to be carried too! Keep your little one close and give your body the support it needs with one of the best toddler carriers.

Father and his baby boy in a baby carrier at the big city.

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The 7 Best Baby Carriers for Dads of 2023

With new dads baby wearing more than ever before, it’s time to invest in one of the best baby carriers for dads with this tried and true list.

Three Happy Young Adult Men Gathered Around a Fire Grill.


17 Dude-Friendly Diaper Party Ideas for Dads-to-Be

Don’t forget to celebrate the father-to-be too! Throw an awesome diaper party with these dude-friendly diaper party ideas for dads-to-be.

Young white mother wearing pajama spending time with her baby at home.

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7 Best Postpartum Pajamas of 2023

Give yourself the gift of comfort and easy access on your postpartum journey with a set (or two) of the best postpartum pajamas. Here are our favorites!

Close-up of a pregnant woman and her husband reading a book on the sofa at home.

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The Best Books for New Parents: Our Top 7

When you’re armed with knowledge, being a new parent is less overwhelming. Give yourself the gift of wisdom with the best books for new parents.

Stylish young parents swings their happy one-year-old daughter, on a wooden swing.

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The 7 Best Outdoor Baby Swings of 2023

Ready to get outside more with your little one? Your baby can safely enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with one of the best outdoor baby swings.

A cute little boy in a yellow T-shirt makes himself a fruit smoothie in the kitchen.

Cooking and Kitchen Play, Feeding and Eating

Easy & Nutritious Snacks for Kids To Make Themselves

Instill important values while also taking one less chore off your plate by teaching your kids to make these nutritious, easy snacks by themselves.