Discovery Toys: Toys for Kids with Special Needs

Ivan with his giant pegboard

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Therapists love Discovery Toys. They find them to be useful in rehabilitation and in orientation and mobility specialties. Although Discovery Toys are not specifically designed with disabilities in mind, therapists have found them to be basic enough to be therapeutic and useful in reciprocal play.

Discovery Toys’ developmentally-appropriate toys (for birth to age 10) build self-esteem, cooperative play, social and emotional intelligence, all while being wholesome and fun. They also provide this handy guide on how to pick the best toys for kids with disabilities.


Our Favorite Discovery Toys

Giant pegboard.

Giant Pegboard

This is our favorite Discovery Toy. The peg board is a nice size, the colors are high contrast, and the pegs are easy for small hands to hold on to. Five of the pegs also make a rattle sound. The board is also great on the APH light box, where light shines through the holes and the dark pegs show up nicely on the light yellow board.

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Rainfall rattle.

Rainfall Rattle

The Rainfall Rattle is great for blind kids because they can actually feel the beads cascading through before they flip it over and begin again. It works as a musical instrument, too!

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This ball is a great way to introduce new tactile sensations to a child who may be afraid of different textures. The ball isn’t sticky or fuzzy, which can be frightening for a blind child, but it is very bumpy and provides excellent tactual feedback without being overwhelming. We used the Tangiball as a first step in getting our son to handle new and different textures.

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