Make Your Own Scented Rattle!

Ivan playing with his scented rattle

It’s so easy to make a rattle for your baby that also has its own unique smell. Teach your baby about cause and effect with the sound while you teach them about scents too! Here’s the simple how-to…


What You’ll Need:

  • Gerber juice bottles make the perfect rattle.Gerber juice bottles
  • hammer and nail
  • Scents (like cloves or cinnamon sticks)
  • bells (optional)




Making Your Scented Rattle

  1. Clean and remove label from a 4 oz Gerber juice bottle.
  2. Poke holes using your hammer and nail in the lid.
  3. Fill your rattle about 1/4 full with cloves or cinnamon sticks. You’re done!

Ivan smelling his scented rattle.

Making Scents

You can also buy extracts (like vanilla, orange, or almond), dab them on a cotton swab, and place in the rattle with a couple of small bells. Just remember, whatever you decide to put in your rattle should be non-toxic because, as your baby chews and plays with the rattle, they’ll drool into the holes and may suck the juices back out. This is also why you’ll need to periodically clean your rattle and re-fill it with new scents.



Scented Rattle Instructions


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