Make Your Own Natural Grass Easter Basket!

Natural Grass Easter Basket

When I was a kid there was really only one option for your Easter basket… plastic grass.

To be more specific, green plastic grass.

These days the options seem almost endless: Colorful plastic grass, paper grass, recycled grass and even EDIBLE grass (that stuff is fun)!

I’ve seen parents get creative by filling their kids’ baskets with mini marshmallows or even cotton candy (that seems messy), but my favorite idea so far is to actually grow the grass for your Easter basket!

This is a project my son did at school and we just love it! Just find a plastic flower pot that fits the size of your Easter basket. Fill the pot with soil and sprinkle with fast growing grass seeds. Be sure to get fast growing… that’s the key!

Keep the seeds watered and they will grow… fast!

This does make your basket a bit heavier than normal, but the sensation of real grass in your child’s basket is unmatched. For children with visual impairments this really solidifies the concept of grass and you can also talk about how spring and Easter is all about growth and birth!

Now that you have your super sweet natural grass Easter basket, what will you put in it? Here are some fun ideas for tactile Easter eggs:







Make your own natural grass Easter basket


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