Sound Eggs Sensory Activity

Sound Eggs Sensory Activity

Here’s a fun sensory activity that you can play any time of year, but would be especially fun at Easter time: Sound Eggs! Fill each egg with a different object to make different sounds when you shake them. Fill your eggs in pairs so you can play a matching game! If your child has vision it’s probably a good idea to use all the same colors for your eggs so they aren’t confused by trying to match colors instead of sounds. As they get better at the game you could introduce the colors and see how they respond.

Here are some ideas for objects to place in your eggs:

  • dried beans
  • jingle bells
  • marbles
  • a smaller plastic egg
  • pompoms
  • rice
  • coins
  • cotton balls

See if your child can guess what’s inside the egg before opening it! For more ideas on how to play this game, visit The Iowa Farmer’s Wife.

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