Parent’s Choice Diapers Review

Parent's Choice Diapers

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  • Parent’s Choice baby diapers are free of latex, fragrance, parabens, and lotions.
  • The JustRight fit guide removes all guesswork and gives you a fail-proof size indicator on the diaper.
  • When we use the correct size and change our baby into a fresh diaper right before bed, we don’t have any issues with overnight leaks.

Diapers are never a fun expense in your budget. As a household with 4 children, we’ve purchased thousands of diapers over the last decade. There have only been a few months that we didn’t have to include diapers in our monthly spending.

Diapers can really add up over time. And let’s just be honest—they aren’t the most glamorous purchase. Much like toilet paper or paper towels, they’re helpful but ultimately end up in the garbage.

To try and save money on diapers, I decided to give some cheaper brands a try. After getting recommendations from friends, Parent’s Choice diapers were at the top of my list of new diapers to try.

If you’re looking to switch to these affordable Walmart brand diapers, you’re in the right place. I put them to the test and will give you a transparent look at how these diapers performed. This honest review will provide you with all the decision-making information you need before buying Parent’s Choice diapers.

Parent's Choice Diapers

What We Love About Parent’s Choice Diapers

There’s plenty to love about Parent’s Choice baby diapers. Here’s what we found most impressive:

Leak Protection

My two-year-old often finds her way to my husband’s and my bed at night. We have endured the pain of waking up to a wet bed due to a failed diaper. Adequate overnight leak protection is a must-have for any parent. 

We have only had a few cases of overnight leaks with these diapers. In each case, there was either an excessive amount of liquid consumed right before bed or the diaper size was too small for her body. When we use the correct size and change her into a fresh diaper right before bed, we don’t have any issues with leaks.

We’ve never had leaks during daytime use unless we forget to change her diaper immediately after waking. Parent’s Choice uses a few things to achieve better leakage protection:

  • Wiggle-proof leak barriers: Your baby can wiggle, crawl, or run without the barriers of the diaper shifting and causing leaks or diaper blowouts
  • DryChannels: The ultra-absorbent core pulls liquid through channels, guiding moisture away from your child’s skin and improving leakage protection. 
  • Stretchy fit: The elastic in the leg cuffs offers a flexible fit that is gentle on your baby’s skin.

Wetness Indicator

Most diaper brands have followed the trend of including a wetness indicator on the diaper. I have found this to be very helpful on Parent’s Choice diapers. Instead of feeling the outside of the diaper or trying to peek inside, you can look at the color-changing line on your baby’s diaper. 

Parent’s Choice diapers have one long line down the middle of the diaper. This changes to blue if your child has a wet diaper. I’ve noticed the diapers accurately detect liquid and make it clear that the child needs to be changed.

Proper Fit Guide

I love that these diapers tell me when it’s time to move up a size. The JustRight fit guide removes all guesswork and gives you a fail-proof size indicator on the diaper. If the tabs no longer cover the area that says “next size” it’s time to move up.

Choosing the right size will prevent leaks and blow outs, giving your baby a snug fit that isn’t too tight.

Free of Major Chemicals

I usually opt for more natural or organic products in the home. I was pleased to know that Parent’s Choice baby diapers are free of latex, fragrance, parabens, and lotions. This makes me feel better about purchasing these diapers and makes them great diapers for sensitive skin


Planning ahead is not one of my strengths. It often happens that I realize we need diapers when I’m down to just a few left. So it’s important that I can quickly access our diapers at a local store. 

Parent’s Choice is Walmart’s exclusive baby brand and is available at every local Walmart. I often add these diapers to my weekly grocery order, making it very convenient. I’ve also noticed that they usually have plenty in stock.

Affordable Price

I’m a huge fan of how low the prices remain for these diapers. We spend significantly less on diapers per month when we use Parents Choice diapers compared to major brands.

Parent's Choice Diapers

What Parent’s Choice Diapers Could Do Better

These diapers remain at the top of our list, but there are a couple of areas I’d like to see improved.

Improve Softness

You won’t find me recommending these diapers because of their ultra-soft design. They aren’t rough and uncomfortable, but they could use an improvement in cushion and material. Compared to other brands, these diapers feel a little stiffer. 

Offer More Designs

Adorable diaper designs have become the new trend with many diaper brands. I’d love to see a variety of patterns to choose from with Parent’s Choice baby diapers. 

The size 5 diapers we recently ordered came in a gender-neutral giraffe pattern. It would have been more exciting to pick out an animal or pattern that my two-year-old loves.

Remove Chlorine Bleaching

Though these diapers are free of many chemicals, they still contain bleached materials. Finding diapers free of bleach that use plant-based materials is important for many parents. 

I have seen Parent’s Choice removing many chemicals from their baby products recently. This makes me hopeful that their diapers will soon become free of all harmful ingredients.    

Parent's Choice Diapers

How Parent’s Choice Diapers Compare to Other Diapers

Two important factors I consider when choosing diapers are the price and materials. Let’s take a look at how Parent’s Choice compares to other diapers:


This is definitely one area where Parent’s Choice beats other diaper brands. When you calculate the price per diaper, Parent’s Choice is more cost-effective than most major diaper brands. Luvs diapers often offer a similar-priced diaper, but I personally think Parent’s Choice makes a better-quality diaper.

Natural Materials

Parent’s Choice diapers are perfume-free, latex-free, and designed for sensitive skin—but there may be other brands that have a cleaner materials list.

Diaper BrandFree Of
LuvsParabens and latex
Parent’s ChoiceParabens, latex, fragrance, and lotions
HonestParabens, latex, fragrance, and chlorine
Rascal and FriendsLatex, fragrance, and lotions
Seventh GenerationLatex, fragrance, and chlorine

Parent’s Choice Diapers: The Bottom Line

I am pleasantly surprised with how well these diapers perform. For such an inexpensive diaper, you might expect to have to sacrifice leak protection or comfort, but that’s not the case with Parent’s Choice.

Overall, these super absorbent diapers do a great job of preventing leaks and keeping your baby dry. They aren’t the softest diapers on the market, but they aren’t rough or scratchy—just a little stiff.

When you open the diapers, you won’t find an overwhelming perfume scent. These diapers steer clear of all skin irritants that might cause rashes. 

If you’re looking to save money on diapers, Parent’s Choice diapers are worth a try! 

Recommended Accessories

Here are some helpful products we use alongside these diapers: 


How do I know which size of Parent’s Choice diapers I should buy?

To choose the right size for your baby, use this chart. If your baby is near the end of the weight limit for one size, it might be wise to size up. Babies grow quickly, and a diaper that is too small will leak easily.

Diaper Size Weight Range 
Newborn Up to 10 lbs
Size 18-14 lbs
Size 212-18 lbs
Size 316-28 lbs
Size 422-37 lbs
Size 527+ lbs
Size 635+ lbs
Size 741+ lbs

What if Parent’s Choice diapers don’t work for me? 

If you aren’t happy with these diapers, Walmart offers a full refund. Simply return the diapers to your local Walmart.

Parent’s Choice Diapers Review

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