Danielle Cotter, MA, LMFT, PMH-C

Danielle is a dynamic and multi-passionate writer, licensed marriage and family therapist, artist, and educator. She is also a mother of two busy kids who keep her on her toes. Danielle crafts original and thought-provoking written content for parenting, mental health, and wellness publications. When she isn’t creating, you can find her in the woods on a hike or treasure hunting at a local thrift store.

Danielle Cotter
Asian Chinese little sister playing ukele.


Social-Emotional Activities for Toddlers

Learn about social-emotional activities that will help your toddler develop the social and emotional skills needed to thrive in early childhood and beyond.

Exhausted Black Mother Holding Crying Baby Sitting At Laptop Indoor.


How to Recover From Mom Burnout

Mom burnout is on the rise. Doing something about it is easier than you think. If you're feeling burned out, you're not alone.

Mother beside a child wearing a sleep sack.


5 Surprising Benefits of Using a Sleep Sack

Sleep sacks are a safe and convenient sleep option for babies and young children. When used correctly, they can help baby sleep more soundly and comfortably.

Happy young mother looking at her baby in crib before going to sleep.


Sharing a Small Room With a Baby: 5 Space-Saving Tips!

Sharing a small room with a baby can be challenging for new parents. But with a few adjustments, it can be done!

Funny baby in white bassinet with canopy.

Product Reviews

The 7 Best Bassinets for Small Spaces of 2023

Choosing where your baby will sleep is an important decision for parents. Find out the best bassinets for small spaces and how to choose the right one for your baby.

Six month old baby was yawning on her mother's arms.


6 Month Sleep Regression: A Parent’s Survival Manual

Sleep regressions are a regular part of your infant’s life. However, even though the six-month sleep regression is normal, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.