Ilona Bannister

Ilona Bannister is a mother of two energetic young boys who have dyslexia and ADHD. She is the author of two novels, When I Ran Away and Little Prisons, and she has contributed to The Guardian, Literary Hub, and Moms Don’t Have Time to Write.

Child making geometric shapes, engineering and STEM.


5 Exciting Engineering Challenges for Kids

Take a look at these engineering activities and ideas to get your kids excited about STEM, engage their natural curiosity, and keep those little hands busy.

Handmade at school craft rocket for the day of cosmonautics.


Exploring the Universe: 5 Space-themed STEM Activities for Kids

Children love to imagine life on the moon, space travel, and floating among the stars. Encourage your children’s interest with these fun space STEM activities.

Kids play with pop it sensory toy.

Autism, Sensory Activities, Toys

5 Best Sensory Seeker Toys

Check out our guide to the best sensory seeker toys for kids who like to rock, spin, chew, and fidget. It’s not just about fidget spinners!

Children connecting jigsaw puzzle pieces in a kids room on floor at home.


What Is Cooperative Play?

Cooperative play is important for your child’s social and emotional development. Here’s how to encourage cooperative play at your child’s next play date.

Preschool student boy with autism wearing headphones.


8 Sample Behavior IEP Goals

Find out how specific, measurable, and attainable behavior IEP goals help your child learn coping strategies and problem-solving skills, leading to more progress.

Creative girl writing for learning and planning schedule in journal.


5 Growth Mindset Activities for Kids

Teachers often use growth mindset techniques, but how can you apply those ideas at home? We’ve got you covered with great growth mindset activities for kids.

Female psychologist working with boy suffering from autistic disorder.


What Is a Visual Schedule and How Do I Make One?

Thought about making a visual schedule but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve put together a guide to help you make the best visual schedule for your child.

Upset mother having problem with noisy naughty daughter jumping on couch and screaming.

Behavior, Parenting

Help! I Have No Patience for My ADHD Child

Parenting a child with ADHD requires a lot of patience and understanding. If you’re looking for techniques for keeping your cool, have a look at our guide.

Attractive middle aged woman embrace little preschool frustrated kid sitting on couch together at home.

Special Needs

7 Tips for Grandparenting a Child With Special Needs

Read on for tips on how to strengthen the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren with disabilities and how to support your special needs family.

Portrait of small boy and girl playing indoors at home.

Play, Special Needs

5 Unique Play Date Ideas for Toddlers

Playdate coming up? We’ve got some simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-set-up ideas for your toddler and their friends next time that play time is at your house.

Three generation family sitting together in the garden.

Special Needs

How Extended Family Can Support Parents of Special Needs Children

The support of extended family members can mean so much to the parents of special needs children. Take a look at these ideas for ways you can be supportive.

Shot of a young child psychologist talking with a boy.

Education, Special Needs

A Comprehensive Guide to Special Education Assessment and Evaluation

Find out what you need to know about special education assessments and how they can help you and your child access their right to special education.