Ilona Bannister

Ilona Bannister is a mother of two energetic young boys who have dyslexia and ADHD. She is the author of two novels, When I Ran Away and Little Prisons, and she has contributed to The Guardian, Literary Hub, and Moms Don’t Have Time to Write.

baby sitting on a play mat

Crawling, Product Reviews

The 8 Best Baby Crawling Mats in 2023

The best baby crawling mats give your baby a safe space to explore and play and a soft place to land as they become more mobile.

kids in daycare

Potty Training

Potty Training and Daycare: A Parent’s How-To Guide

Consistency and open communication are key when potty training a child in preschool, daycare, or with multiple caregivers.


Why Is My Baby Sleeping With Eyes Open? Hint: It’s Normal

Most babies sleep with their eyes closed, but sleeping with eyes open or partially open is normal for babies to do. In most cases, there should be no cause for...

baby in a crib


When to Lower Your Baby’s Crib: A Mattress Height Guide

You’ll know that it's time to lower your baby’s crib when they show signs of sitting unsupported and they're ready to stand. 

little girl doing sign language

Communication, Potty Training

How to Use Sign Language for Potty Training

Sign language can be helpful for potty training young children who are pre-verbal, kids with special needs, or for multilingual families.

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Chair Method Sleep Training: A Guide for Sleepy Parents

Chair method sleep training is a gentle sleep training technique that gradually teaches your baby to sleep on their own.

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Potty Training

25 Fun Potty Training Rewards for Your Toddler

Potty training rewards can make potty training a positive experience for your toddler and take the stress out of the process for you.

mom holding a pull-up

Potty Training

Pull-Ups vs. Diapers: What’s the Difference?

Diapers and pull-ups are the same in many ways, but parents may transition to pull-ups as their baby grows into a toddler.

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Product Reviews

5 Best Toddler Car Seats of 2023

Need to know the difference between a convertible car seat, a booster, and an all-in-one? We've got your guide to the best toddler car seats on the market.