Nicole Lampi, MA, CCC-SLP

Nicole Lampi is a pediatric speech-language pathologist and clinic director at the Minnesota Masonic Children’s Clinic for Communication Disorders. She received an MA degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Minnesota, Duluth.


Nicole has written articles and blog posts, enjoying the process of teaching others about speech language pathology and ways to help children reach their full potential.

Nicole Lampi, MA, CCC-SLP
asian mother play with her baby on the bed.


The Holophrastic Stage in Childhood Language Acquisition

The holophrastic stage, or one-word stage, is one of the main stages of language acquisition. Learn more about this critical stage of your child’s development.

Cute little baby lying on mother's lap and cooing.


The 5 Stages of Language Development in Children

Children go through five stages of language development starting at birth. Babies practice with simple sounds, which will quickly turn into their first words.

Speech-language pathologist working on child's pronunciation problems.

Special Needs

Your Child’s First SLP Evaluation: What to Expect

Speech-language pathologists will conduct an initial evaluation to determine how a child is using language, understanding language, and interacting with others.