Sarah Claywell

Sarah is a blogger and freelance writer with experience in many niches, motherhood being her favorite. A stay at home mom with two beautiful babies of her own, she enjoys sharing real and relatable information through writing. 


Writing aside, she likes keeping up with health and fitness trends, where her formal education lies. She’s also a major foodie and documentary fanatic.

Sarah Claywell
Baby taking a nap and watch.


How to Create a Toddler Sleep Schedule (Naps Included!)

Sleep schedules are critical to your child’s development and your sanity! Learn how to create the perfect toddler sleep schedule so everyone gets enough sleep.

Mother cleaning baby pacifier.


How to Clean, Sanitize, & Sterilize Pacifiers

Cleaning and sterilizing your baby’s pacifiers is key to protecting them from avoidable illness. Learn all the methods, tips, and tricks you need to know here!

Father Training sleepy son to use toilet in bathroom.

Product Reviews

7 Best Potty Training Seats of 2023

With tons of potty training seats to choose from, we did the research for you! Check out this list to find the best potty training seat for your little one.

Premature newborn baby girl in the hospital incubator after c-section in 33 week.


Do Preemies Sleep More Than Full-Term Babies?

Preemies sleep more than full-term babies but may have trouble getting good sleep due to their underdevelopment. Learn what you need for successful preemie rest.

Cropped view of young mother holding sleeping baby.


Contact Napping: What It Is & How to Transition Out of It

Contact napping can come with both benefits and risks for your baby. Find out what contact napping is and how to transition away from it when you’re ready.

Mother with her sleeping newborn baby in home.


The Moms on Call Sleep Training Method: A Parent’s Guide

Based on a series of routines, Moms on Call sleep training uses a combination of assisted and self soothing.



The Eat Play Sleep Guide for New Parents

The eat play sleep schedule helps your baby to fall asleep on their own. It works like it sounds: Your baby eats, has play time, and only after that do...