LEGO Made Us All Proud!

LEGO play set featuring a boy in a wheelchair

Have you heard the HUGE news? Well, it’s big because it’s such a momentous step forward, while in reality it’s really just a little one-inch plastic figure. But this little guy is in a wheelchair!

He’s part of the new LEGO “Fun in the Park” play set. LEGO has included a young man using a wheelchair as just an everyday occurrence at the park. He’s not in the hospital, he’s not sick, he’s not a patient. He’s out having fun with his friends at the park! Way to go LEGO!

The play set was revealed at the London Toy Fair and isn’t available for sale yet, but it looks like it will be soon (reports say it will be out this summer). And there’s also rumors that the set will include a guide dog!

Wow. This just feels great, doesn’t it?

You can learn more here.


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