Black Book of Colors

The cover of the Black Book of Colors is just that: black.

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So you’ve spent a lot of time looking for books to read to your child with visual impairment – this is a completely different kind of book. This book illustrates for sighted people what it means to be blind.

It’s hard for most people who are sighted to imagine trying to imagine things without ever seeing them. The Black Book of Colors does just that, through raised-line illustrations and descriptive imagery. It has braille alongside the illustrations, as well as the braille alphabet, and is geared toward kindergarten to age eight. Wouldn’t this be great for kids who are sighted but have a blind sibling?

Some reviewers give it a thumbs down, saying the braille is over-simplified and not easy to read, while others rave about it. Some suggest it’s only appropriate for sighted people. And at $13.84 for the hardcover book, it’s not a slam-dunk. It did win the New Horizon’s Prize at the 2007 Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Either way, it’s worth checking out here on Amazon and deciding for yourself.

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