Stefanie Cloutier

Stefanie Cloutier is Continuing Education and Enrichment Coordinator at Concord-Carlisle Adult and Community Education.


She is a communications professional with a passion for words, focusing primarily on the arts, education and healthcare. Stefanie formerly worked as Education Writer at Perkins School for the Blind.

Braille Special Collection logo

Braille and Literacy

Braille Special Collection: A braille literacy program providing children’s books free of charge

Free braille and multi sensory books from the Braille Institute for young children offer a good jump on literacy.

The Caregiver's Notebook book cover

Parenting, Support

The Caregiver’s Notebook: An Organizational Tool and Support to Help You Care for Others

The Caregiver's Notebook gives those who care for someone with multiple needs a handy place to organize information.

Insightful head logo

Visual Impairment

Insightful Publications

Insightful Publications is a website designed to make state handbooks and the information they contain accessible via screen readers.

Illustration of four girls in school uniforms, the front girl holding a white cane

Braille and Literacy

My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay

This book geared to young readers features a girl who is blind who does everything her friends can do and more.

paper heart on background of pebbles

Eye Conditions and Syndromes

Creating a new Scleral Shell at the Ocularist

This cool video shows how easy it is to create a new scleral shell and how easy it is to be the patient, too!

Boon Snug

Feeding and Eating

Boon Snug Sippy Cups and Straw Cups

Cool cup lids make any adult glass into a spill-proof glass for kids. Just snap on the lid, add a straw and you're ready to go!

standalone bed with sides and top

Sleep, Special Needs

Creative Care Safe Spaces: Beds and Sensory Spaces for Special Needs Kids

This company based in the UK makes solidly constructed spaces and beds to keep special needs children safe in their rooms.

collage of eyes

iPad Apps and Accessibility, Visual Impairment

Be My Eyes App: Lend Your Eyes to the Blind

This iPhone app allows visually impaired users to connect with sighted users in real time in order to receive assistance with simple tasks.

lime green divided dish on mat

Feeding and Eating

Ez Pz: Easy clean dish and mat in one

A divided dish and table mat in one, these silicone plates are easy to stack, store and clean, and come in all sorts of cool colors.

Tools for Life logo blue letters on white background

Assistive Technology, Special Needs

Dollars & Sense: Navigating the AT funding stream

This search engine helps identify funding sources for a range of assistive technology. Although geared toward residents of Georgia, much of the information is applicable everywhere.



The ProxTalker Communication Board with Real Objects

The ProxTalker is a communications device that gives nonverbal kids a voice. Tags can be customized for your child's specific situation, and added and revised as necessary.

Modular Hose

Assistive Technology

ModularHose allows you to turn almost anything into a handsfree device

This cool system uses flexible hose and a multitude of components to customize a way to attach items hands-free to your wheelchair or other place you might need it.