Be My Eyes App: Lend Your Eyes to the Blind

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This app allows visually impaired users to connect with sighted users in real time. So say for instance that a blind person wants to know the expiration date on the carton of milk in their fridge. They go to the app and sign in that they need assistance. The app connects them to a sighted person who has signed up to “be my eyes” and then through the magic of a video connection and an iPhone or iPad, the blind person can show the sighted person what they’re looking at and get an immediate answer.

This also works for someone unsure of their surroundings, or who needs to read something not in braille. A friend of mine who has used this found it really helpful. The app is free right now, but when the funding runs out there may be a charge for the service. Also, currently it only works on iPhone 4s and newer, but they’re working to make it android-friendly as well.

Check it out at Be My Eyes or you can download the app on iTunes.

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