The ProxTalker Communication Board with Real Objects


The ProxTalker is a device that gives kids who are nonverbal a voice. It was developed by an engineer who also happens to be the dad of a boy who is autistic and nonverbal; he created the ProxTalker to give his son a verbal way to communicate. The words on the tag determine what the ProxTalker can say, so the more you customize the tags, the more specialized your child’s communication can be.

The company offers a variety of standard tags, but they now have an app that will let you create tags to reflect specific situations for your child. So if you’re planning a trip to an amusement park, you can create tags that talk about rides or experiences your child might come in contact with. And if there’s somewhere your child goes regularly, such as a museum or even their school program, the customized tags can make their experience that much more meaningful.

It’s easy to record a tag; once you do, just put a sticker with a picture and the word that it says on it for easy reference. For a full list of ProxTalker’s products and prices, check out their shop or watch this video.

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