The Sound of Colors

sample page from Sound of Colors

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I hesitate to say this is a book about a young girl losing her sight who takes a journey, because it seems to be much more than that. Most reviewers thought it was about the girl losing her sight and learning to find her way in the world, while one reviewer, who read it in its original Taiwanese, felt it was more a metaphor for life.

Either way, this is a gorgeously illustrated book and it does follow the girl’s imagination as she takes the subway and describes all that she is experiencing. As one reviewer said, there are virtually no books out there about a child losing their sight, so for that alone this book has merit.

The publishers recommend it for preschool and up, but it IS 80 pages long, too long for most preschoolers’ attention spans. And the reviewer who read it in its original language thinks it’s most appropriate for teens going through their own journey of discovery.

Take a look at it on Amazon and make up your own mind. And before you buy it, see if your library carries it. It’s $11.49 for the paperback version, $16.99 for the hardcover.

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