My Special Journal: Home to School Communication Notebook

The cover of three spiral bound notebooks, in purple, blue and green

One of the things I loved about my daughter’s day care provider was the little notes she would write in her communication notebook. Every day, I could read about what went on when I wasn’t with her. And that was a really nice thing to look forward to.

Communication books are a staple in many students’ IEPs, and they are particularly helpful when your child is nonverbal. But for teachers with a classroom full of students and a full agenda for the day, getting to all the books can be daunting.

So a mother came up with these journals that are pre-printed inside so the teacher or caregiver can simply check off from a selection of things, and then fill in where it makes sense. It streamlines the process by identifying the more routine items so the teacher can spend the time on the things that are less routine.

There are journals for a number of specific situations, including children with a feeding tube, as well as a customizing option. They run between $30 and $40, not cheap, but could be worth it for the peace of mind you’ll get when your child’s teacher can spend more time on quality feedback. All the information is at the My Special Journal website.

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