Kester Braille Curriculum Program

Kester Braille

The purpose of the Kester Braille Reading Program is to fill the need for non-visual materials to teach specific skills to beginning readers in the same sequence these skills are taught to their sighted companions.

It is designed to teach alphabet, numbers, three-letter words with the short vowel sound, and basic punctuation through reading and writing.

It is written as a script to make it easier and more fun for parents and teachers of visually impaired children to teach beginning reading in braille and to make it easy for a teacher or a parent to pick up a manual and teach without spending hours of preparation.

Kester Braille is comprised of two levels.

Level 1 is “Teaching Alphabet and Beginning Sounds in Braille.”

Level 2 is “Three-Letter Words With Short Vowel Sound,Writing Sentences, and Numbers 0 to 20.”

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