Merry Muscles: A Jumper for Big Kids!

Baby in a Merry Muscles jumper

Merry Muscles is a jumper that connects to a door frame or beam in your ceiling. What makes it special is that they carry ALL sizes, from baby up to adult! And the large sized jumpers are relatively reasonably priced too!

Merry Muscles was designed by an occupational therapist to safely enhance muscular development, balance, and co-ordination. It is set at the correct angle to allow baby to bounce using the soles of his feet (not tip-toes) in order to prevent “toe-walking” later and Merry Muscles cradles the hips, preventing baby from bouncing with stiff legs and eliminating the possibility of bone or joint injuries caused by impact.

Another big plus for this design: The back section offers full spine and head support, which is great for babies and kids with low muscle tone!

And it’s washable!

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