Aware Bears Support Kids with Disabilities

Aware Bears aims to create an awareness of Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities and improve people’s understanding of the challenges people living with disabilities and their families face. They aim to change the perception of what people with disabilities are capable of by highlighting and celebrating the achievements of those living with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. Accepting a disability is a process with many ups and downs and Aware Bears wants to ensure that people are able to focus on the positive.

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What Do Aware Bears Do?

Aware Bears are stuffed bears with the same disability as you! Your Aware Bear may have CP, wear a brace or even have a visual impairment. You can have an Aware Bear (like Helen or Harold) visit your child or your school if you are in South Africa. Visitations have been limited due to COVID restrictions, but there are other ways you can interact with Aware Bears!

Helen's Letters of Hope

Letters of Support

A letter has the power to open a dialogue and start a conversation. During lockdown and COVID many children have experienced loss and grief. It isn’t always easy for children to identify their emotions or feelings. You can have one of the many characters from the Aware Bears family write your child a letter of support so they can feel connected to the characters and their adventures and have the chance to express what they are feeling.

Aware Bears Positivity Journal

Positivity Journal

One of the greatest impacts of the pandemic will be an emotional one. This is especially true for children. Aware Bears have developed a Positivity Journal that introduces children aged eight and up to journaling. Included in the journal are activities that help your child focus on the positives in their life.

Never-Ending Stories

The Aware Bears aren’t the only animals here to help! There is a large array of characters waiting to meet your child through the online audio Never-Ending Stories. You can even sign up to receive their email newsletter once a month so you can keep up to date with all that’s happening with the crew!

Aware Bears Support Kids with Disabilities

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