Crawligator Tummy Time Support


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The Crawligator is a safe and fun way to promote tummy time. It supports independence, promotes crawling mobility and helps develop gross motor skills all with one convenient baby toy. The unique contoured surface is specially designed for infants to rest comfortably on their stomach while safely developing and exploring.

  • Promotes child development
  • Twice the tummy time for muscle strengthening; spin and neck strengthening
  • Develops mobility through kicking, reaching, pushing
  • Unlike other walkers, the Crawligator stores easily
Crawligator Tummy Time Toy
  • ✅ PEDIATRIC PHYSICAL THERAPIST RECOMMENDED: PPTS across the country are discovering the Crawligator tummy time toy and its benefits for babies and infant development – strengthening, sensory, natural coordination and movement based learning.
  • ✅ IMPROVES GROSS MOTOR DEVELOPMENT: The baby crawling aid provides the ability to move the arms and legs in coordinated movements. This infant crawling toy promotes early child development and mobility through reaching, pushing and kicking.
  • ✅ ROLLING WHEELS: This crawling toy contains high-quality caster wheels that allow the infant to move on a hard floor surface. Does not roll on carpet although early tummy time benefits equal.
  • ✅ COMFY TUMMY TIME: The Crawligator has a unique sleek contoured surface that is designed for infants 4-12 months old to rest comfortably on their stomach while safely developing and exploring. Our product takes the mobility of infants to a new level. Comfort pad also included with this Crawligator.

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