QR Code iD: Finding Your Child When They are Lost

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QR Code iD can help you find your child or loved one if they wander off.

Created by the mom of an autistic little boy who kept getting lost, QR Code iD is a simple idea: Keep a QR Code on your child (as a tag or as part of their clothing) that someone can scan with their smart phone to get info about your kid. The code can either be scanned or they can visit the website listed on the code and enter the ID number.

The best part about this system is not only that it is readily noticeable and easy to use, but also that you can update the info on the site in real time! If you lose sight of your child in the mall, for example, you can add to their info page that you are waiting for them at the security desk or that they need to have their medications by a certain time. You can update phone numbers to call or other contact info when it is most needed – when your child is missing!

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