Recycling OT Videos

Water Bottle Peg Board

Barbara Smith, aka The Recycling OT, shares videos with ideas for making interesting games and toys that will encourage fine motor skills. Barbara’s ideas often use simple objects you already have around the house, like reusable detergent bottles (hence the “recycling”), and turns them into ingenious devices that will both keep your child busy and teach them new skills. She’s kind of a genius!

You can find Barbara’s videos on YouTube. Some of our favorites include her Sensory Pull Toy made from a detergent bottle, a Hole Punch Craft that strengthens pincer grasp, or the deceptively simple Sensory Ring made from socks and trash bags (we may have to try this one)!

Barbara also has a blog where she writes about OT ideas and reviews interesting books at The Recycling Occupational Therapist and she has a website where you can learn more about her and the books she’s written at Barbara Smith Occupational Therapist.

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