Scooper Bowl & Plate with Suction Cup Bases

blue plate and bowl with rounded side and white suction base

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Ableware sells two assistive dinnerware pieces including the Scooper Bowl with suction cup base to keep it in place and the Scooper Plate, also with a suction cup base. Each piece is designed with a portion of the rim that comes up higher on one side and curves inward. This design helps with scooping and keeping food on the person’s spoon.

It’s a great design for teaching children with visual impairments and motor challenges to feed themselves. The Scooper Bowl measures 4.5″ in diameter and the Scooper Plate measures 6-3/4″ in diameter. The dinnerware can be purchased as a set on Amazon, or separately.

Check out this video below of Ivan using the Scooper Bowl to practice eating at school!

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