Z-Vibe Spoon

Z-Vibe Spoon

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The Z-Vibe is a vibrating sensory tool often used in oral-motor stimulation to help kids learn to use their mouths for chewing and eating. The basic Z-Vibe comes with a textured tip that can be changed out for other accessories… including a spoon!

We just recently learned about the spoon accessory when Ivan’s OT sent us a video of him using it. This is a great tool for kids who need extra input when learning to feed themselves. Ivan can hear the spoon and also has a better understanding that he is holding the spoon and where it is in relationship to his body and mouth.

Look at the great job he is doing in this video:


How a vibrating spoon can help with self feeding

Ivan still has trouble feeding himself, so I was amazed when his OT sent this video home. He’s using a vibrating spoon and it’s really making a difference! You can check out the spoon here: https://amzn.to/1GeK3P5 (affiliate link)

Posted by WonderBaby on Tuesday, October 27, 2015


You can purchase a full Z-Vibe kit with the spoon attachment, or if you already have a Z-Vibe you can purchase the spoon separately.

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