Baby Monitor Hacked? Here’s How to Protect Your Family

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  • Wifi-enabled baby monitors can make keeping an eye on your kids more convenient.
  • Parents aren’t always aware of the safety risks associated with internet-connected devices.
  • Hackers can access your smart baby monitor remotely or locally.
  • IoT devices like wifi monitors, connected cameras, and home networks are easy targets for hackers.
  • You should monitor your baby cameras closely and keep up with security updates. 

Do you suspect your baby monitor was hacked? Or does the thought of it make you feel a little crazy?

Well, it’s true. Hackers sometimes target baby monitors. And not always for the reason you might think.

Internet-connected baby monitors can help you keep an eye on your child while they’re in their own room. Having this camera feed available ensures you can go about chores in other parts of your home or even enjoy a drink outside without worry while they’re taking a nap.

But invaders can access images of your little one in the same way. Devices connected to the internet are always at risk. You need to protect your home router against security issues to keep everything using an internet connection hack-proof.

Understanding how accessible a baby monitor can be to outsiders and what you should do to keep your privacy intact can help you protect your family.

Can Baby Monitors Get Hacked?

Yes, baby monitors can get hacked. This rarely happens, but it’s important to be aware. Security settings can help you keep intruders away. The monitor type you have can also make it more difficult for outsiders to gain access. 

The internet is an open window for someone with the right hacking skills, and baby monitors are an easy target. Even those with no ill intentions toward your child can benefit from accessing it.

Hackers use different methods to gain control of baby monitors. If you suspect your baby monitor was targeted, it’s important to stay alert and contact the authorities.

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Reasons Why Baby Monitors Are Hacked

You might wonder why someone would want to hack a baby monitor. There are several reasons this might happen.

Baby Monitors Are Easy to Hack

Many parents don’t pay much attention to the security features of their baby monitors. These devices rarely have antiviruses or firewalls. The software is also basic. Unauthorized incoming traffic can easily access the administrative side. In short, they’re a hacker’s dream!  

Baby Monitors Provide Free Content For Peeping Toms

Tech-based tools make it easier to keep an eye on your child. You don’t have to check if they’re still asleep through the window if you’re barbequing outside. Peeping Tom knows this too. They tap into the advantages of baby monitors to execute their vile actions. 

Some like listening to conversations. Others want to peer into your life like a reality show. Cameras in your baby’s room can also give a glimpse of intimate moments like breastfeeding and getting undressed. 

Baby Monitors Help Criminals Plan, Prepare, and Execute 

Skilled criminals research their targets. They seek out remote access to advance themselves. All the devices connected to your home wifi network are at risk if criminals infiltrate one of them. 

Hackers can access home cameras, cell phones, and even security systems through your baby monitor. They might gather intel on your routine, listen for password or internet banking details, and even spy on potentially vulnerable or intimate moments to extort money from you. 

Baby Monitors Keep Pranksters Entertained

Have you ever thought there were ghosts in your home? Do your kids wake up in the middle of the night saying they heard voices?

Some pranksters hack into baby monitors for entertainment. They find it amusing to scare small children or make you believe you’ve lost your mind.  

Baby monitor

How Can Hackers Access Baby Monitors?

Baby monitors are easily hacked, but only by those with a particular skill. If your security measures are up to date, they’ll also have a harder time. Knowing how hackers access these devices can help you secure them better. 

Hackers Gain Remote Access

Many baby monitors aren’t password protected by default. When you set yours up, it’s likely you won’t be asked for one either. Some have pre-installed passwords that are available online. While looking for the best baby monitor, ensure it has a log-in code. 

It’s a hacker’s dream to come across devices without passwords. This is the easiest way to gain access.

Hackers can invade a wifi baby monitor through your router’s administration page over the internet. Remote router access is usually disabled by default. I suggest double-checking, especially if you’ve called customer support about any issues. They could forget to disable remote access and leave your monitor vulnerable. 

Hackers Gain Local Access

When hackers gain local access, it’s a bit scarier. This usually means the person hacking your baby monitor knows you or was in your house. If you have a radio monitor, the hacker can tap into the video feed when they’re in physical reach of the monitor signal and know which frequency it uses. 

Internet-connected baby monitors are hacked locally when someone is in your wifi network range and has the password. It’s also possible to hack a baby monitor by plugging a cable into the wifi router. 

How to Tell That Your Baby Monitor Was Hacked

The signs of a hacked baby monitor aren’t always easy to spot. You should monitor your device closely and pay attention to these possible warnings:

Camera Movement: Smart baby monitors have rotating cameras. If your device moves on its own or is in a different position than where you left it, someone else could be in control. Mount the baby monitor in a spot your little one can’t reach and ask make sure it wasn’t your partner who changed the direction of view. 

Unusual Camera Light: If your baby monitor has an LED light, ensure you know how this works. The camera might show a solid light when someone’s viewing it. Seeing activity of the video monitor while you’re not viewing can indicate that someone else is.

Strange Voices and Noises: You have good reason to be creeped out if you hear strange noises or an unrecognizable voice in your house. If you have a baby monitor, these could be signs that someone hacked it. Never disregard hearing voices or unusual sounds. 

Security System Alerts: Keep an eye on your baby monitor’s security options and data flow. Changed settings, a password set to default, or a spike in network traffic can be signs of hacking. If your security system alerts you of unusual activity, decline any requests and follow up with the firmware company.

Video baby monitor for sec.urity of the baby

Ways to Secure Your Baby Monitor and Ward Off Hackers

Baby monitors make keeping an eye on your little one more convenient. Security scares shouldn’t be a reason to not use them. You can take extra measures to protect your family from privacy invasions and ensure your baby monitor isn’t exposed

Change the Default Password on Your Baby Monitor

Password-protected baby monitors have a default password. Many parents forget to change this. Secure your login credentials by choosing a strong password that’s unique and not easy to guess. You should also change it regularly. 

Perform Regular Software Updates on Your Baby Monitor

You should check for security software updates. Manufacturers release these to fix security vulnerabilities. Keeping the firmware and software of your baby monitor up to date can make it more difficult for potential hackers to access it. 

Place Your Baby Monitor in a Hard-to-Reach Spot

Don’t place your baby monitor near a window. Hackers trying to gain local access can easily do so if they can reach your monitor. They don’t have to be in your house if an open window makes it possible to plug a cable into the device. 

Note: If your baby monitor is internet-connected, the above is true for wifi routers. Choose a strong password, update software, and keep the router in a spot where outsiders can’t gain physical access or see information written on it. 

You Don’t Have To Get Rid of Your Baby Monitor

Stories about baby monitor hacks have made headlines in the past couple of years. If you’ve heard these, it’s understandable that you’re concerned. But the truth is, any device you connect to wifi is at risk. This includes your cell phone, laptop, or home camera system. Prying eyes and criminals will use any means to get a look inside.

You can keep your home network and children safe by choosing unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and keeping an eye on security updates and strange activity. A baby monitor can make parenthood easier. Don’t allow hackers to inconvenience you.

Baby Monitor Hacked? Here's How to Protect Your Family

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