Successful iPad Apps for Children with CVI

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by Eunice M. Ramirez MEd TVI,TSHH

I wanted to share some apps that I have found successful for children diagnosed with CVI. I hope you find these apps useful for your child as well!

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Top Pick

Big Bang Pictures and Big Bang Patterns (bundle)

These two apps (which can be purchased together as a bundle) come from the developer Inclusive Technology Ltd.

Both apps allows the user to set specific settings for viewing. Settings include twenty-one animated picture images and a set of four patterns with twelve different patterns per set.

The user has the opportunity to chose from eight picture colors and nine background colors. It also allows the user to choose the length of time the animation will last and allows you to set cause and effect action, either presenting color first or picture and to tap screen once or twice to activate.

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CVI Training

There are five free CVI training apps that I highly recommend. All of these apps are available through the Ebenezer School.

  1. CVI training (Pattern): This app is in black and white.
  2. CVI training (Recognition): Includes pictures of animals and insects; black, yellow or complex background and animation to choose from.
  3. CVI training (Color): Single to multiple colors are presented with various gestures to choose from if movement is needed to elicit visual attention.
  4. CVI training (Visual Tracking): Choose from a variety of black and white backgrounds and animal faces that move.
  5. CVI training (Human Face): Choose face complexion, when the face is touched eyes, nose, mouth and hair appear separately as child touches parts of the circle “face.”

Eunice M. Ramirez MEd TVI,TSHH, is a NYC Early Intervention Specialist and a Perkins-Roman Endorsed CVI Specialist. You can contact her through email here.

Successful iPad Apps for Children with CVI

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