Talking Easter Eggs: Making Easter Accessible for Kids who are Blind

talking easter eggs

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Editor’s note: Talking Eggs have been more and more difficult to find each year. Check out our Buyer’s Guide to Beeping Easter Eggs for up-to-date information on where to find accessible Easter eggs for blind kids.

After we learned our son was blind when he was just a baby, I started wondering about his future and what his life would be like.

I rambled about on the internet looking for photos, stories, anything that would give me a glimpse into the life of a blind child.

One of the first stories I found was about the annual Beeping Easter Egg Hunt hosted by the Blind Babies Foundation in California. The simple creativity of this idea both awed and calmed me. I found it amazing that there was a place that catered to the needs of blind children like this and at the same time I suddenly felt that everything was going to be okay.

For some reason I felt that if my son could participate in an Easter Egg hunt, everything else would right itself, too.

Of course, I didn’t live in California so I needed to go out and find my own beeping Easter eggs, which proved to be tougher than I had thought. But this year there are actually some options available…and one of them is even affordable!

Ivan playing with his Hide 'Em and Find 'Em Talking Easter Eggs by Techno Source.Have you seen these cute talking Easter eggs called Hide ‘Em & Find ‘Em Eggs? They feature an on/off button and call out every four or five seconds, saying things like, “I’m over here!” or “Can you find me?” They keep calling until they are found and your child opens the egg.

Inside the egg you’ll find a little plastic chick or bunny who says, “Surprise! You found me!” And if you don’t get to them in time, they will turn off automatically after thirty minutes.

Talking Easter eggs are a great addition to any Easter egg hunt, for both sighted and blind children. They are also a great way to get visually impaired kids to reach out and touch things or learn how to search about in front of them for a missing toy. My son thinks these eggs are hilarious and it’s been great incentive for him to reach and search.

Ivan playing with his Hide 'Em and Find 'Em Eggs by Techno Source.These fun eggs are available on Amazon in either single or 4-packs. You may also be able to find them at Wal-Mart, Target and Rite Aid.

If you’re looking for beeping eggs, you can find those at Maxi Aids for $12.95 each or these chirping eggs on Amazon for $16.95 for a 6-pack.

Have a fun and Happy Easter!

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